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Superfinishing processes on calender cylinders, finishings on surfaces, machines for superfinishing processes, machines for finishings on surfaces

Superfinishing processes

Superfinishing processes

CRS CROMATURA DURA S.r.l. is a company specialised in finishing on surfaces or superfinishing processes on calender cylinders, and performs jobs of finishing to provide surfaces with the right roughness based on the specifications required by the customer.

What is meant precisely by the term superfinishing processes?
Superfinishing processes simply means, as the term says, the finishing processes on surfaces. It is a type of process required to allow a machine to function correctly. Using the superfinishing process you reduce the level of roughness of the chromed surface, obtaining a mirror-like finish of calender cylinders. CRS is capable of obtaining an Ra ≤ 0.002 tested and certified with a control sheet.

The reference market for superfinishing processes is represented by the manufacturers and users of:

  • machines for plastic materials
  • machines for paper and cardboard
  • printing machines
  • rollers (production and cutter)
  • rolling plant rollers (steelworks)
  • (hydraulic) pistons

Do you require some superfinishing process jobs?
CRS satisfies the customer's technical requirements performing superfinishing process jobs that can range from Ra ≤ 0.002 to Ra = 5.
Contact CRS CROMATURA DURA S.r.l. to receive an estimate for superfinishing process jobs for surfaces – burring, polishing, grinding, glazing and frosting. More specifically, CRS is specialised in superfinishing processes for calender cylinders.