C.R.S. srl


C.R.S. is specialised in the following on behalf of third parties:

  • hard chrome plating of cylinders, whether calender coils, inverters, rolling mills, drying machines, drive wheels, flat heads, blast heads, calibration plates, moulds, screws,  pistons, rods, shafts
  • internal hard chrome plating of up to 500 mm diameter
  • thick nickel plating of steel and stainless steel of cylinders, pistons and rods, up to 1.100 mm. diameter and 4.500 mm. length
  • round grinding and concave and convex cambering of cylinders
  • internal diameter grinding
  • lapping and superfinishing (mirror-like finish) of calender cylinders
  • sanding and shot-blasting of cylinders and calibration plates
Cromatura dura

C.R.S. effects chrome coatings with variable thicknesses from 20 to 200 microns on numerous metals:

  • iron
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • nickel
  • copper
  • martensite structures
  • AISI coatings

up to a maximum length of 6.000 mm, maximum diameter 1.000 mm and maximum weight of 25 tons.

Nichelatura a spessore

C.R.S. effects nickel plating of steel and stainless stell rolls up to 1.100 mm. diameter and 4.500 mm. length.
Nickel hard-chrome coatings guarantee, depending of thickness, specifics resistances to salt fog. These double coatings are used for cylinders, pistons and rods for oil sector, offshore, marine and harbour sectors.


C.R.S. carries out on behalf of third parties round grinding processes, including with cambered concave and convex profile, of large cylinders up to a maximum diameter of 1.200 mm. (overall dimensions 1.500 mm) and maximum length 12.000 mm. C.R.S. effects grinding of internal diameters.

The maximum weight treatable is 20 tons.

Finitura e superfinitura


C.R.S. carries out finishing processes which confer on the surfaces the roughness required by the client’s technical specifications.

CRS is specialised in the superfinishing of calender cylinders and is able to obtain Ra ≤0.003 which will be tested and certified with a control sheet.

CRS also has available shot-blasting and satin finish procedures for obtaining MATT effects with specific Ra on request, up to a maximum of Ra=15