C.R.S. srl

Our History

  • 1936: a company carrying out galvanisation and metal cleaning is established in Gallarate city centre.
  • 1952: the company becomes the property of the Pedrazzini and Fabbri family.
  • 1967: first hard chrome plating bath: 2,000 litres. 
  • 1980: the company comes under the management of Armando Roncolato. Benefiting from the experience he had gained in the field of machine tools and aeronautics, he develops the first grinding and superfinishing jobs on hard chrome plating. During this time period a change of course becomes necessary, with the rapid conversion of the machinery used for a variety of different processes so far, to hard chrome plating only.
  • The plastics and paper manufacturers’ machines market becomes a solid reference point for the company.
  • 1999: the company finds itself at an important turning point. The loyalty of a growing number of customers means that it is able to start the design and construction of a modern factory in the industrial zone, in order to strengthen its production capacity and adopt the best technologies available to protect the environment.
  • 2002: the month of December sees the end of a six month transition period, during which CRS completes the transferral of production to the new factory.
  • 2007: CRS invests in the acquisition of grinding machines to increase its production capacity and competitiveness.
  • September 2007: certification of its environmental management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard.
  • 2014: Start new plant of thick nickel plating of iron, steel and stainless steel cylinders
  • 2017: second generational turnover; investments continue to extend the fleet of machines and to keep up with technological advances.