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Polishing machines, mirror-like finish of cylinders, lapping

Mirror-like finish, lapping

Mirror-like finish

The superfinishing process, or mirror-like finish, aims to reduce the level of roughness on a chromed surface, allowing you to achieve a mirror-like surface on calender cylinders. The reference sector requiring mirror-like finish mainly consists of manufacturers and users of machines for plastic materials.

Do you require some mirror-like finish jobs?
CRS CROMATURA DURA S.r.l. has a mechanical workshop for mirror-like finish operations on cylinders of various dimensions, ranging from a diameter of 1,200 mm to 900 mm and with varying lengths from 500 mm to 10,000 mm.
The mirror-like finish processes in CRS can achieve an Ra ≤0.003, then certified with a chart and a specific control sheet.

If the mirror-like finish work is particularly urgent (for example, a customer needs to regenerate a calender cylinder in a short timeCRS CROMATURA DURA S.r.l. is capable of returning the cylinder in the minimum time required for the process to be carried out.
In performing mirror-like finish jobs of calender cylinders CRS, therefore, provides both a quality job and an impeccable service.

For a free estimate or advice on mirror-like finish jobs, please contact us straightaway.