C.R.S. srl


Environmental certification

Trusting a company which considers environmental protection to be a priority ensures for you the collaboration of a competent, responsible and safe supplier.

Caring for the environment is an integral part of our thoughts and actions: every company activity is assessed and monitored for its environmental impact in order to improve the operating reliability of the machinery, prevent environmental repercussions resulting from possible emergency situations, optimise energy consumption and reduce waste.

We set environmental goals which are integrated with the operations management of the plant and we involve human resources by means of training and education activities, in order to achieve high levels of professionalism and environmental responsibility.

We believe that environmental respect and protection are essential components for our success, for the satisfaction of our customers, and a duty of responsibility for future generations.

Control Certification

C.R.S. certifies, with documents, the dimensions obtained in chrome and nickel plating, grinding and superfinishing processes of calender cylinders, in terms of:

  • Roundness
  • Plate/pivots concentricity
  • Chrome thickness
  • Chrome hardness
  • Roughness
Certificazione - cromatura dura
Certificazione - cromatura dura
Certificazione - cromatura dura